Why AFS?

As the nature of flow assurance challenges grows, from offshore production in deeper water and harsher environments, to onshore production through multiphase rich gas trunklines, the added complexity facing operators grows. Decisions related to flow assurance issues reverberate through multiple disciplines, creating a challenging matrix of decision points. AFS prides itself on helping operators navigate through these difficult decisions.

We understand

Operator’s needs. The AFS executive management team has worked as flow assurance lead within operators and as owner’s engineer for the operators as in-house council. This lends itself to a unique perspective within the engineering community to be able to clearly understand to the operators’ needs as they relate to their projects.

Fluid properties. AFS believes that understanding the fluid properties, not only the measured values, but also the uncertainty associated with these, is the key to successful application of any further flow assurance design principles. Our staff has a background in fundamental chemistry and fluid testing, working within the chemical applications industry to carry out many of the tests that serve as common recommendations during engineering. AFS can best apply the science and marry it with the field-proven reality.

Simulation models. AFS understands what state-of-the-industry simulation models can provide, as well as strengths/weaknesses of the application to field conditions. Managing uncertainty in system design requires not simply strong analytical tools, but also correct application of those tools. AFS staff are well-versed in the available industry tools and their application.

Field applications. AFS is able to marry the science with the practice through extensive field experience. Moreover, AFS applies these lessons learned to new projects, providing a continuous improvement loop on project execution. Translating the ‘academic’ world to the ‘real’ world to bring forward an informed, progressive, and operable solution.

We take a systems/holistic approach to project delivery

The science of flow assurance has progressed beyond just running simulation models. AFS believes the oil/gas industry is moving from viewing flow assurance as an isolated discipline into a more holistic, well-rounded science that must incorporate other disciplines throughout the project life-cycle. A systems approach is necessary on all projects, ranging from marginal fields which require a close link to the sub-surface engineering, to mega-projects that involve multiple disciplines and often multiple contractors. Being able to integrate all of these together — AFS believes — is the key to successful flow assurance application in the future.

Proper knowledge transfer & application

Operators don’t have time to take stock in lessons learned. Project are often handed over from engineers to production, without a feedback loop to advise the engineering on the accuracy of their predictions. Conversely, design engineers often are not able to provide sufficient guidance to production groups, potentially leaving gaps that could lead to sub-optimal production or potential shut-in/failures. AFS strives to bridge that gap and provide the necessary feedback between the design world and the production world.